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The committee of the 1-st ABA Conference  in Bulgaria invites you to submit your work for presentation

The one-day-and-a-half Conference will be held in Sofia, Bulgaria, on October 30 and 31, 2017.

We will cover the costs of the speakers (travel, hotel, per diems) and they must be named in the project proposal, so it is very important that the prospective participants contact us as soon as possible.

As far as this would be the first ABA conference in Bulgaria, and ABA has no tradition in Bulgaria at all, the conference would reach beyond the usual academic framework to disseminate ABA among a larger audience: we will invite practitioners with different background from a variety of institutions (health, social, educational), service management, policy makers and supervisors from the ministries of health and education, the agencies for social assistance and for child protection. We would like to introduce ABA theory and demonstrate its applicability to a large scale of problems and environments.

In that context, we consider particularly important contributions in the following area:

  1. ABA concepts, intervention techniques and procedures, measure of behavioural outcomes
  2. ABA practice with particular clients – work with children with autism, Down syndrome, children with speech problems, hypersensitive to noise, head trauma clients, aggressive/self-aggressive, etc.
  3. Parents of ABA clients – participation, training
  4. ABA in management

We would be glad if you share with us not only research papers, but also casework presentations and grey literature materials (statistics reports, service delivery frameworks, policy analyses, etc.)

Send 150-word abstracts of submissions to

For any questions, please, feel free to contact us at