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The European Association for Behaviour Analysis (EABA) is pleased to announce the call for applications to host the 3rd EABA summer school in 2019.

We encourage applications from countries in which behaviour analysis is in an early stage of development.

The main purpose of the summer school is to facilitate the integration of young behaviorists of varying European cultural and linguistic repertoires into a verbal community based upon our shared scientific values and interests.

The Summer School should offer an advanced training experience and an opportunity for extended scientific and social interaction among students, professionals and accomplished instructors in behaviour analysis from throughout Europe, lasting 2 weeks. Registered “summer-schoolers” should be provided with key readings with ample time to prepare.

Advanced undergraduate and graduate students from universities throughout Europe should have the opportunity to interact and establish ties in the context of informal, specialized seminars by accomplished scientists interested in, and skilled at, the dissemination of their work. For intermediate and advanced students, the unhurried and detailed oral transmission of research stories, in an international company of newly-met peers, is rare. Thematic areas  should be taught by one or two instructors, lasting 15 hours, to achieve the intended goal. Instruction should be for free to maintain costs of attending minimal. Courses should cover advanced topics in experimental and applied behaviour analysis, in an intellectually rigorous but informal and collegial atmosphere that includes both lecture and discussion periods. No exams or any aversive control should be included. The courses should be designed to be enjoyed by anyone who would have the requisite training and interest to attend presentations at the EABA’s biannual conference.

Application deadline is May 31st 2018.

The application needs to include information about

(1)    Name of group or organization responsible for the application and persons to be responsible for the organisation of the summer school

(2)    Name of the University to be associated with the summer school organization

(3)    Place and date for the summer school (June or July 2019 is the preferable month for the summer school)

(4)    An estimate venue and facilities costs and potential for local sponsorship

(5)    Number of local organizers available and available student volunteers

(6)    Specific rationale for hosting the EABA summer school

(7)    Information regarding the technical equipment on site. The possibility for live streaming is a requirement.

(8)    Relevant experience with arranging events of that kind

(9)    Prediction of the number of national attendees at the summer school

The official language of the summer school will be English, the summer school host must bear the costs of any translations to another language during the summer school.

Please send your application to:


On behalf of the EABA board,



Zuilma Gabriela Sigurðardóttir


Christoph Bördlein