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The European Association for Behaviour Analysis (EABA) scholarship fund for dissemination of behavior analysis in Europe is managed and funded by EABA with an amount of 5000 euros per year max. The maximum amount per applicant is 2500 euros.

The fund supports objectives that help spread knowledge of behavior analysis in countries where attendance fees to lectures, workshops or conferences may be expected to be low in the beginning and not sufficient to pay the costs involved in offering high quality events meant to disseminate behavior analysis in a geographical area.

The events that will be supported shall not be part of a formal BCBA initiative already established or underway. In addition to supporting initial steps in the dissemination of behavior analysis in areas where little or no such effort has been made before, the fund may support:

  1. events resulting in the dissemination of knowledge of behavior analysis, especially where there has been little or none such initiative before.
  2. development or research using behavior analytical methods
  3. participation at international conferences where applicants are to present a behavior analysis project

Supported projects may receive a scholarship over a period or as a lump sum.

Processing of applications

Applications for the scholarship fund are handled by the EABA board twice per year. The applicant must be an EABA member.

Applications should be sent to EABA secretary ( no later than March 30 and October 30 each year.

Applications should provide information about the status of behavior analysis in the area, for example university courses taught, previous efforts to establish or disseminate behavior analysis in the area, and plans for further efforts to disseminate behavior analysis in the area.

Applicants should also include information in detail about the event(-s) planned, possible number of attendees (at each event), participation fees if applicable (at each event), official language of the event(-s), venue of event(-s), and criteria for inclusion of speakers/presenters/trainers. In addition, applicants should submit a budget. Furthermore, the applicants should submit a report to the EABA board after the event. Applicants should also provide information on whether they have any association with local universities and whether they have opportunities to include university students in the events.



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