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Application guidelines for organizational members

EABA membership is open to anyone with a demonstrated interest in behaviour analysis and who is committed to the objectives of EABA.

EABA consists of full (voting) and associate/student (non-voting) members. A full member is anyone holding a terminal degree in a discipline which is directly related to or involving behaviour analysis and whose full-time professional commitments include teaching, research and/or practice in behaviour analysis. To become a full member of EABA you must meet the following requirements:

  1. You have completed a university degree or college diploma in a related field and
  2. You have been employed for at least one year in a professional capacity in social services, education, industry, or other related fields which involves the application of behaviour analytic principles and is approved by the membership committee.

For proof of 1. a scan of your diploma is necessary, for proof of 2. a scan of an official document (e.g. certificate of employment) should be provided. Please send the scans to The board of EABA will have the final decision on the approval of the full, voting membership.

Those interested in joining who do not meet these requirements may apply for student or affiliate non-voting membership status and still enjoy the benefits of being a member of EABA. An affiliate/student member is typically an individual who is interested in the discipline of behaviour analysis but who lacks formal training or who is pursuing formal training on a full time basis in the discipline of behaviour analysis.


If you are a member of an affiliated chapter of EABA, you are eligible to an Affiliated Chapters Membership, either full (voting) or student (non-voting).



  1. Subscription to the European Journal of Behaviour Analysis
  2. Reduced EABA conference registration fees
  3. Affiliate/student members enjoy all benefits of membership except for the right to vote on matters of interest to the organization and the right to hold office.