The European Association for Behaviour Analysis (EABA) seeks to promote behaviour analysis in all European countries and neighbouring regions. In order to enhance and develop the field of behaviour analysis within EABA, not only individual members but also national behaviour analysis associations will have the opportunity to join EABA. These institutions, if they apply to become affiliated with EABA will acquire national member organization (NMO) status. NMOs will have special privileges including:

  • Providing BACB CE units when the NMO co-hosts a national or international event with EABA
  • Free business meetings space during EABA meetings
  • Links and advertisement of NMO events and activities via the EABA website.
  • Editorial space at the EABA Newsletter

There will be no restriction as far as how many NMOs from a given country can be part of EABA and there will be no minimum number of members per NMO.

NMOs are associations of people who want to work on a voluntary basis to do everything possible to educate others about the science of behavior analysis in general and/or radical behaviorism and help disseminate both the philosophy and the science of behavior analysis. Associations that have as the main purpose to sell behavior analytic services to parents and their children are not eligible as NMOs.

Membership fees of NMOs are normally used for the benefit of the members when conferences and workshops are organized and offered with the purpose of educating attendants and presenting and disseminating research in behaviour analysis.

EABA membership of individual members of a NMO (affiliate members)

Individual members of a NMO will have reduced fees to join EABA. However, membership application of individual affiliates to a NMO will still need to be completed on an individual basis. Their name will be checked with the members listing sent by the NMO. Affiliate members will enjoy the same benefits as any individual members, including:

  • Subscription to the European Journal of Behaviour Analysis
  • Reduced fees at the bi-annual EABA conference (and any other events arranged by EABA)
Application process for national member organizations

NMOs will need to fill in and submit (electronically) the form below along with electronic versions of the following documents:

By-laws of the organization in English

  • Copy of an official document outlining the legal status, registration or constitution of the organization
  • Updated listing of members in tabular format (including the full name, affiliation, NMO membership number and email addresses of members (if available)
  • Lists of the events and activities carried out by the NMO during the last two years
  • Two letters of support signed by national or international senior behaviour analysts regarding the affiliation of the NMO to EABA. The letter should mention the affiliation to EABA explicitly and include all contact information for the informant.

Once the application process is completed, applicants will need to wait for the resolution from the EABA executive board. NMO applicants that are already ABAI affiliated chapters will be approved immediately. NMOs will remain affiliated indefinitely as far as the following is provided every year (all documents to be sent in electronic format):

  • A summary of the NMO activities during the previous year (events organized, development of special policies or actions, activities regarding the promotion of behaviour analysis, contact with the media etc.). If so requested, such a summary could be published by EJOBA annually along with those from other NMOs.
  • Update of the membership listing
  • Update on the executive board compos
  • Membership renewal fee (see below)

The application should be submitted online through EABA website. Any queries about the application process can be consulted with the assistant of the secretary at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Download a copy of the Application guidelines for organizational members here:

Document updated March 2016