What Is Behaviour Analysis      

About Affiliated Chapters


The European Association for Behaviour Analysis (EABA) seeks to promote behaviour analysis in all European countries and neighbouring regions. In order to enhance and develop the field of behaviour analysis within EABA, not only individual members but also national behaviour analysis associations will have the opportunity to join EABA. These institutions, if they apply to become affiliated with EABA, will acquire affiliated chapter status. 

What are affiliated chapters

Affiliated chapters are organisations associated with EABA who share the goal of disseminating and developing behaviour analysis internationally.  Chapters are interested in contributing to the well-being of society through development, enhancement, and support of the science of behaviour analysis through research, education, and practice. 


Affiliated chapters should:

  • Share the values of EABA to enhance well-being in society through the development of and growth of the science of behaviour analysis
  • Promote basic principles of good governance, due diligence, and care in the oversight and management of operations
  • Link the EABA website to the chapter’s website (if applicable)
  • Provide disclaimers on any position or policy statements, to indicate that the positions are those of the chapter and not of EABA
  • Operate in alignment with EABA’s diversity policy


EABA will provide:
  • Space for business meetings at the bi-annual conference
  • Opportunities for dissemination and promotion including a link to the affiliated chapter on the EABA website
  • Free Expo poster space at the bi-annual conference
  • Opportunity to advertise through the EABA mailing list
  • An opportunity to contribute to the annual EABA newsletter regarding the chapter’s recent activities